About Us

jamesThe Hill Tribe is an associate group of business owners and founders, coaches, trainers and consultants.

Primarily we work with SME owners, directors and managers to make their businesses more profitable, sustainable and more liberating places to work. Many clients are already running successful businesses, but there’s a feeling that things could be better.

We do this by helping these individuals to become more personally resourceful.

They might need support in developing a more robust strategic plan or better tactics around motivating and developing staff. For some it can be about finding a way to fall back in love with their businesses, re-establishing the passion that inspired the desire to go it alone in the first place.

Fundamental to our approach is helping clients discover their own practical strategies for dealing with the daily challenges of running a small company.

This can be achieved by consulting or training but our quality coaching interventions have proved to be the best fit for helping business owners gain autonomous and sustainable success.

If you’re interested in having a free 30-minute coaching session, to get a feel for how SME coaching works, please contact us at: hello@thehilltribe.co.uk.