Down with the hierarchy

Weinstein and tax dodgers are getting away with it because of organisational hierarchies. In this, these reports dishearteningly parallel the Jimmy Saville revelations of 2014. Quite rightly, the focus will be on the moral lackings of these vile individuals and what punitive measures need to be taken, which might also act as a deterrent to… read more >>

Tech companies and flat management structures: how ‘coaching skills’ can bring them together

Many associate the small tech organisation with a non-hierarchical leadership structure. Hill Tribe coach, James Leavold, says this can only be achieved if leaders learn to coach instead of manage. In the training room there was the COO, CFO, senior directors, senior managers and managers…but nobody was over the age of 25. The group was… read more >>

A new approach to education? Time for a serious examination

Now the exam results are out, Hill Tribe CEO James Leavold suggests looking at different approaches to schooling, leadership and results in relation to the world of work. By passing on my knowledge and experience, team members and students could become reliant on this type of input. Some even battled – sometimes openly, but mostly… read more >>

Rio 2016: What can be learned from coaching in sport?

Hill Tribe CEO James Leavold describes how sports coaching inspired him to become a business coach.

Coaching in the workplace – the Generation Game (Part 1)

This week I was reminded of one of my favourite articles written about coaching. Even though it’s three years old it still resonates. In the piece entitled: ‘Why coaching is the second fastest growing industry in the world’ *(I’m not sure of the first!), writer and Coach Lisa Berkovitz explains that the old script for… read more >>