Coaching skills builder – Stage 3

This blog covers the final steps of my Coaching Skills builder. This is a long one, but hopefully it provides a lot of useful information. (For the previous steps, please visit: and: ) To deliver planned coaching, either as a coach or manager, it is worth devoting time to get comfortable with the steps… read more >>

Coaching skills builder – Stage 2

In last week’s blog I introduced the idea of a ‘skills builder’ for coaching. My motivation, as a trainer of coaching, is to provide a personalised route to progress for anybody interesting in developing coaching skills. The ‘builder’ is designed to allow different entry points, whatever the ability, current level of skill and resources available… read more >>

Coaching skills builder – Stage 1

After delivering a recent training session on Coaching Skills – aimed principally at leaders and managers – it occurred to me that willingness and ability to learn to coach is dictated by a number of factors. The most notable ones are as follows: The desire, motivation and ability to take on the skills. The time… read more >>

Hypocrite or flawed? A coach’s perspective

I’m not in the habit of defending Russell Brand – but something struck me after becoming involved in a discussion about Brand’s current activism. To me Brand highlights an interesting point about development, namely the difference between being labelled a hypocrite and being considered flawed. In the discussion I was involved in, people saw Brand… read more >>

Coaching and the future of work over the next 20 years

  I have trained to be a coach, in the main, to support those who want to start and run their own businesses. So what is the outlook for me and any (potential) clients over the next 20 years? Out of general curiosity and pragmatism, I regularly check the various business and economic gurus’ assessments… read more >>