Coaching individuals

‘Remember, you get the feedback and you make the decision

Like this: performance, feedback, revision’

Baba Brinkman (Rapper)


To the team at Hill Tribe, this simple quote sums up how coaching works. Watch young children learning to walk and witness this process in action.

Individuals who take the coaching route begin to tap back into this process, and start to make better decisions by more informed thinking. The effects on their lives, in work and outside, is nothing short of transformative.

Our 12 – session package initially teases out the issues relevant to the coachee, before sharpening the focus on the most pertinent goals. Whether the need is for development, career or life coaching, our specialised coaches will provide the appropriate support and direction.

Each session lasts an hour, but the first one is free; after the initial meeting the client can then decide the relevance of coaching to them and whether they want to progress on to the next 11 sessions.

More information on the cost and content of a typical individual coaching programme can be found here.

But feel free to get in touch to find out more about how a coaching package can be designed around your needs.