Coaching skills for leaders

True leaders don’t create followers; they create more leaders

Tom Peters (Business Guru)

Managers and leaders charged with organising and running effective teams are increasingly looking beyond traditional and out-moded approaches.

Incorporating coaching techniques into management and leadership styles results in:

  • Both leaders and team members improve their thinking processes (coaching is the best development tool for improving ‘thinking’), resulting in better problem-solving and decision-making
  • They can do so independently of their managers. Staff members become more resourceful and bosses can divert attention to other priorities
  • Working relationships are stronger, trusting and more harmonious, built on
  • When people are more resourceful they become more resilient, able to deal with change and are more efficient.
  • Skills and knowledge are grown and retained in the business – good succession planning
  • Greater performance efficiency and effectiveness leads to better business results

The Hill Tribe one or two-day training programmes help leaders and mangers learn coaching skills that can be immediately applied to the workplace. What’s more, attendees can take a supplementary CMI or ILM qualification in coaching and mentoring

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