Coaching SME leaders

DHP Family

Hill Tribe worked closely with the CEO and leadership team with one of the UK’s leading concert and music promoters, delivering coaching to support business development.

George Akins, CEO of DHP Family says:

“At first I was uncertain about the practicality of coaching for our business. But, not only did it help us think things through –  strategically and operationally, it gave us the ability to reconsider HOW we approach challenges and make process improvements as a result. The value of coaching has also encouraged me to adopt more of a coaching style in my leadership and management.”

Seam Design

The directors of this prosperous London-based lighting design SME sought out the support of a Hill Tribe coach in building a strategy for long-term success.

Marci Song, CEO of Seam, explains the value of the Hill Tribe coaching:

“Sometimes, when you’re running a business, it’s difficult to take a step back and see the bigger picture. The input of our Hill Tribe coach provided me with a sounding board to consider new approaches that not only suited the business but suited my leadership style too. The coaching doesn’t involve being given any extra advice; moreover it has helped me begin to navigate the business better, particularly with new approaches to staffing and understanding business finances. These have acted as a springboard to create further business improvements.”

The Victoria Pub (Hitchin) The Old George (Ickleford)

A Hill Tribe coach was assigned to help the management team of this Herts-based pub chain capitalise on their existing success:

Victoria Keevans, Managing Director of the of the two pubs, says:

“We were already running two profitable pubs, but the costs in terms of personal time and energy were just getting too much. We sought the input of a coach from the Hill Tribe organisation and it has really helped us to continue to be successful, albeit in a more sustainable way. Working at the top can, at times, be lonely; the coach offers an arms-length partnership and helps you hold yourself to account. I would recommend seeking out a Hill Tribe business coach, particularly , to those  SME owners and teams who feel overwhelmed by time and resource pressures.”


The HILL TRIBE has helped many other individuals teams and organisations with their coaching, training and consultancy  needs. Please contact us to learn more about the benefits of ‘going tribal’.